Central Office Relocation to 2101 Lakeview (Plastec Building)


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The relocation of the Mexico School District Central Office area to 2010 Lakeview, Mexico, MO has been completed.  The purpose of the project was to utilize the 5200 square foot of office space which was part of the Plastec facility purchased while relocating the Transportation and Maintenance Facility.  This facility was built in 1996 and because it is newer by making this move, the district was allowed to eliminate the bulk of utility and maintenance expenses involved with this building.

Cost analysis of the previous office area (Richardson Hall) determined the utility totals to be $44,042.86 for the 2009-1010 year.  The older building (built in 1926) also required more maintenance than the new location.  The “Projected Cost” of utilities in the new location are in the $12,000.00 – $15,000.00 according to the Chevron Energy Solutions Group resulting in an annual projected savings of $29,042.00.  Please be aware that the cost estimate on the new site is an estimate and we will not know the exact cost until we have occupied the building for a period of time.  It does however show a great potential for cost savings.

Another consideration was the upgrade and remodeling of Richardson Hall.  The cost analysis to upgrade the electrical service, disabled access, and HVAC was projected to be $1.9 million dollars.  These potential cost savings have driven our initiative to consider the relocation.

There are logistics to be considered with these projects.  Items such as programs currently housed in Richardson Hall will be relocated.  Storage in the facility would still be available, depending on what the district should choose to do with the old building.  If used as a storage facility the building would be maintained at a low utility cost to the district.

I have prepared and included a preliminary drawing showing the office areas and how they will be utilized.  Questions or comments may be submitted by this form to Mitch Ridgway.

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Plastec Central Office Relocation Concept May 3, 2011 (PDF)