Eugene Field Additions and Gym Remodel

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Gymnasium Classroom Additions Construction Documents

The following documents can either be viewed in your browser or downloaded using Adobe Acrobat.  If you need to download Adobe Acrobat you may do so here at no charge.

0533 00 Cover (PDF)

Area A Fire Alarm and Communication Plan(PDF)

Area A HVAC 2 Plan (PDF)

Area A Lighting Plan (PDF)

Areas B and C Fire Alarm and Communication (PDF)

Areas B and C Power (PDF)

Areas B and C Supply Piping (PDF)

Building Elevations (PDF)

Building Sections and Wall Sections (PDF)

Demolition Floor Plans (PDF)

Electrical Schedules (1) (PDF)

Electrical Schedules (2) (PDF)

Electrical Details (PDF)

Elevator Details (PDF)

Footing Step Clarification (PDF)

Floor Plan (PDF)

Enlarged Floor Plans with Casework (PDF)

Enlarged Floor Plans and Details (PDF)

Foundation Plans (PDF)

Structural Details (1) (PDF)

Structural Details (2) (PDF)

Wall Sections (1) (PDF)

Wall Sections (2) (PDF)

Wall Section Details (1) (PDF)

Wall Section Details (2) (PDF)