Hawthorne Heights Concession Building


Bulldog Concession at Night Bulldog Concession Building Front Canopy Bulldog Concession Building Bulldog Concession Building from Grandstands Bulldog Concession Building North Side FOD-sidewalk-11-500x350 FOD-restrooms-2-500x350 Concessions Area FOD-breezeway-500x350 Bulldog Concessions Building Parking Lot (Before) Bulldog Concessions Building Parking Lot (Before) Field of Dreams Parking Lot Before Bulldog Concession Building During Construction


MHS Memorial Walkway Donations

The completion of the new parking lot at MHS created a walkway that has been designated as the “Bulldog Memorial Walkway”.  This designation was created due to a number of classes who have expressed an interest in areas to use as memorials.  As the design for the new walk was developed, we chose to incorporate a series of twelve lights to be used for this purpose.  The lights are used to accent and bring attention to the walkway itself which serves as the entrance to the Hawthorne Heights complex.


All the lights have been sold!

Many thanks to the various individuals and classes for making this possible. While the building and walkway are not 100% complete, we were able to use the new entrance for the homecoming game… bringing fans, the players and the band down the Memorial Walkway.   A new tradition at MHS is born!

Please continue to contact Mitch Ridgway if you have a desire to contribute or donate to MHS. For information on how to make a contribution or to designate a light in honor of an individual, please contact Mitch Ridgway at Mexico Public Schools by email at mridgway@mexico.k12.mo.us or phone at 573-721-6330.

Thank you. 

View and Download related Field of Dreams Concession Building Documents

The following documents can either be viewed in your browser or downloaded using Adobe Acrobat.  If you need to download Adobe Acrobat you may do so here at no charge.

Field of Dreams Floor Plan (PDF)

Field of Dreams Site Plan of Parking Lot (PDF)

Field of Dreams South Elevation (PDF)

Revisions to Concessions Building Windows (PDF)

Field of Dreams Parking Lot Final (PDF)

Final Concessions Modification (PDF)

2 Responses to Hawthorne Heights Building

  • Bernie Rothrock says:

    Mitch- This looks great! I understand you had to battle to get this project considered by the Board and to keep it at a high quality. I am glad you fought to keep the central hall as the entrance to the stadium. This to me is a classic entrance to the sports facilities. Thanks for following through on this project. I always said I wouldn’t retire until the bus yard and garage was gone and the area redeveloped. Fortunately you took over as the capital projects coordinator and could see this through. Can’t wait to see the completed project.

    Incidentally, I understand my neighbor John Huff worked with you on the AC project at MHS He told me he met the athletic director but couldn’t remember the name. I said it was either Charlie Lind or Mark Buffington, but neither name rang a bell. He said everything on the project had to go through this guy. I thought neither Lind nor Buffington would have that responsibility, then when I said Mitch Ridgway, he said that was the guy.

  • Mitch Ridgway says:

    The building is not as complex as the original concept but it is being designed and built with the original theme in mind. We have a tremendous number of needs for it and we hope it will address them all. I am so glad that you had the vision to develop this years ago.